About Us

Our Principal is Malcolm Ratcliff.

Malcolm has Masters Degrees in Business Administration & in Archaeology and Heritage and is a corporate member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (for further information see right – Professional Accreditation).

He has divided his career between local and regional government, senior management in a blue chip company, and in consultancy.

He is a clear analytical strategic thinker and an able advocate.

His personality type is described in the Myers Briggs reporting format as “Frank, decisive, leaders in activities. Develop and implement comprehensive systems designed to solve organisational problems. Good in anything that requires reasoning and intelligent talk, such as public speaking. Are usually well informed and enjoy adding to their fund of knowledge.”

Malcolm has worked extensively in policy development, project management and partnership engineering in sustainability and land use planning.

He specialises in strategic aspects of development (particularly in the fields of minerals and waste management and infrastructure), in archaeological and heritage consultancy, and in management (particularly in organisational development and creative problem solving).

Malcolm also has a public profile on Linked In »

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven

• by conducting business with favour, fairness and respect

• by taking the holistic, strategic view

• by constant, never ending self improvement

• by being comfortable at handling complexity

• by determination, thoroughness and perseverance

Company Ethics

• Our name comes from the Greek word for Grace – God’s favour.

• This alludes to the Christian convictions that gave birth to the company.

• Without preaching we want to put Christian values into action in business – values of integrity, wisdom, compassion and humility.

• These are the values that God showed to us and expects us to reciprocate to others.

• We make no apology for seeking these values in our business relationships; “The assumption was that business is secular, and service is religious. I have never been able to accept that line of arbitrary demarcation. . . . Is not service part and parcel of business? It seems to me so; business is therefore as much religious as it is secular. If we follow the admonition to love God, and our neighbours as ourselves, it will lead us to understand that, first of all, success is a matter of the spirit.” J. C. Penney (founder of the Penney retail empire).

• When numbers of business leaders are being arraigned for fraud and deception, and when global capitalism is accused of the grossest exploitation and greed it is important that businesses have an adequate philosophical basis for their ethics. Though businesses are free to choose any ethic or none, we want it to be known that this is what we have chosen.

• We will therefore endeavour at all times to treat our customers, associates, competitors and members of the public with the utmost favour, fairness and respect taking the Golden Rule that made J C Penney a successful businessman as our motto – “treat others as you would have them treat you” – unselfishness pays.

Charis Consultancy and your Data

Charis Consultancy takes the management of your data seriously and are GDPR compliant. Please read and agree to our policy here.

Professional Accreditation

Charis Consultancy belongs to a number of professional bodies including RICS and the RTPI, so you can be assured of the quality of our work and its compliance with regulations.

Through this expertise we are able to offer a vast range of services and specialisations under one roof that can not be matched elsewhere.